About Grimm

My name is Daniel Goodwin, I’m a 22-year old herbalist living in Phoenix, AZ.

I specialize in treating hyper NMDA/calcium states and nutritional deficiencies. This includes substance addictions, rebalancing the gut microbiome, and other glutamatergic mental and neurological disorders, including (but not limited to) psychosis/schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder,  attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder, epilepsy, etc., as new studies are proving more and more of a connection between GABA/glutamate balance, nutritional deficiency, and mental health.

Personally, my own experience in this reality consists of polysubstance addiction and psychosis, which I’ve experienced for the last decade of my life. I began experiencing daily seizures as well at the end of 2017, but now have all of these under control and effectively managed.

I’ve utilized the knowledge I’ve learned throughout my life to get off of methamphetamine, heroin, cigarettes/nicotine, various opioids & stimulants, dissociatives, as well as benzodiazepines respectively, and to heal my brain and body alike from the damage I’ve suffered.

As a teenager, I was admitted to mental hospitals repeatedly due to the mental distress I experienced every day and there, I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. It became too much for any individual to handle effectively, so I resorted to the substances that I had been exposed to my entire life.

I ended up dropping out of high school, but I didn’t allow this to stop me from continuing to learn any way I could. I taught myself neurobiology, pharmacology, and its effect on the rest of the body in our daily lives. With the help of my mentor, I learned the magic of herbal and food medicines. He has over a decade of experience in healing, truly one of the wisest people I’ve met in this life. He reached out to me in my time of need.

I never thought I’d ever experience a quality of life between the seizures and psychosis, but I’ve gained hope again through the knowledge my mentors taught me, self-awareness, discipline, and love/compassion from my loved ones. I wanted to feel better and I made this my new reality! We can accomplish ANYTHING we put our minds to, especially when we work to achieve those goals TOGETHER. Everybody has the innate ability to heal the body and mind, they just need the knowledge to unlock it!

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