About grimm

The beginning

I am known as Grimhood. but my name is Daniel. I am currently living in upstate New York. I am a husband and father to two beautiful daughters.

I am a certified health coach, and specialize in quantum and circadian biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, nutrition, and herbalism, all of which overlap in some shape or form. I have been researching and self-educating for nearly fourteen years now, and started learning at the age of thirteen. I am known as an expert in my fields.

I founded Grimm’s Apothecary to begin providing quality herbs from across to the world to others that I used myself in my own health recovery and learning journey.

Grimm’s Apothecary is the premier source for holistic wellness information and high-quality herbs you won’t find anywhere else. All of our herbs are individually sourced, with extensive research into the cultivation of each one. We supply only the highest quality herbs, taking care to assure that the items we offer are certified organic, grown without the user of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, or sustainably wild-harvested.

Grimm’s Apothecary also offers top-of-the-line educational content in the form of long-form writing articles. Currently, we only have articles posted on our Patreon page with the link below, however older articles will be uploaded to the shop page as PDF downloads to purchase individually.

Joy is our birthright

Every day is a blessing.

the team

The one and only alchemical guru,
Daniel AKA Grimhood.

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