Ghost Pipe Tincture


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Availability: In stock

The above-ground parts of Ghost pipe were responsibly harvested by my wife and I in the Catskill region of the state of New York and tinctured in organic gin. It will be a new seasonal addition to the shop, only available while supplies last.

Monotropa uniflora, also called Ghost pipe, is a mycotrophic perennial flower. Rather than deriving its energy from photosynthesis, it derives energy from networking with the mycelium of Russula and Lactarius fungi. In indigenous traditional medicine, it is used as a sedative, to help treat fevers, as a diaphoretic, nervine, and anti-inflammatory.

In more recent reports, it is said to relieve pain by raising the users’ pain threshold. As a mycotrophic plant, this medicine is highly grounding and carries the essence of the pine forest with it. Prepared from fresh material, all of the juices from the plant are contained within this tincture. As an ephemeral wildflower, this is a tincture that is meant to be savored.

The suggested starting dosage is 3 drops under the tongue.  Take 3 drops as needed.

Pure organic gin
Distilled water
Monotropa uniflora

Avoid giving to children and pregnant women.

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Ghost Pipe Tincture

Availability: In stock

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