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Magnesium is an essential mineral and nutrient required by the human body for proper functioning. It is essential in that it must be derived from food, and cannot be synthesized by the body. Magnesium has hundreds of documented uses, and is commonly used to relax muscles, clear the intestines, reduce anxiety, relax spasms, lower blood pressure, and to correct mineral deficiencies, which is somewhat common, as studies show magnesium is commonly found at below average levels, even in developed nations.

Magnesium is the second most prevalent electrolyte in the human body and is essential for over 300 biological processes. The important interaction between phosphate and magnesium ions makes magnesium essential to the basic nucleic acid chemistry of all cells of all known living organisms. More than 300 enzymes require magnesium ions for their catalytic action, including all enzymes using or synthesizing ATP and those that use other nucleotides to synthesize DNA and RNA. The ATP molecule is normally found in a chelate with a magnesium ion. Spices, nuts, cereals, cocoa, and vegetables are rich sources of magnesium. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach are also rich in magnesium.

As an oral supplement, Magnesium Glycinate is more absorbable and less prone to excessive bowel movements. While the Magnesium has many benefits, Glycine is also used as a raw material for the production of various neurotransmitters and proteins throughout the body.

While everyone needs lots of Magnesium every day for the proper function of the human body, each persons’ needs depends on their Magnesium status and the reason for usage.

The more active you are or the more stress in your life there is, the more Magnesium your body demands each day and night while you sleep. If you are unsure how much to use, please consult a health practitioner. With the many roles of Magnesium Glycinate in the body, it is not possible to determine how much a person needs each day by review on this site or any other.

L-Theanine is complimented by Magnesium Glycinate, which is used to produce extra GABA for calming the nervous system and nighttime Glymphatic brain detox. Many people wake up with a clearer feeling head in the morning when taking it before sleep for this very reason.

Origin: China

Overdoses of magnesium can cause a laxative effect due to the relaxing of muscles in the intestinal tract. Do not consume without knowing an accurate dosage. A milligram scale is highly recommended.

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