Nymphaea odorota Tincture


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Nymphaea odorata, also called white water lily, was responsibly harvested by my fiancé in the Catskills region of the state of New York and tinctured in organic vodka. It will be a new seasonal addition to the shop, only available while supplies last.

Nymphaea odorata is a close relative to other popular lotus species including N. Caerulea (blue lotus) and N. Rubra (red lotus). This flower has similar properties to its relatives including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-histamine, nervine, and analgesic properties. All lotus species have very similar effects and constituents.

The suggested starting dosage is 3 drops under the tongue.  Take 3 drops as needed.

Pure organic vodka
Distilled water
Nymphaea odorata

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