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Catuaba is the name given to a number of plants found in South America often used for their energizing and libido enhancing qualities. In Brazilian herbal medicine, Catuaba bark is considered a central nervous system stimulant with aphrodisiac properties, and is used to promote sexual health, serenity, comfort, and memory. As there are multiple plants referred to as Catuaba, different Catuabas may have a different or even unnoticeable effect. We carry Trichilia catigua because it is the most potent Catuaba species we have encountered.

Rhodiola rosea is harvested from China where it is used by monks and residents as a Qi-enhancing tonic herb, improving the utilization of oxygen while reducing stress.
Rhodiola is known as an adaptogen, which means that it enables the body to maintain physiological balance during times of physical or mental stress. Rhodiola weakly inhibits the enzymes MAO(A) and MAO(B), which in turn leads to an increase of available serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. It also influences the body’s opioid peptides which can help one relax by triggering endogenous beta-endorphins. Rhodiola has an overall positive effect on learning, memory, energy, and stress management with few if any side effects.

Mild, adaptogenic central nervous system stimulant and aphrodisiac. Recommended 2-4 grams boiled for 10 minutes.

Harvest data:
Catuaba: Origin: Brazil, Wildharvested

Rhodiola: Origin: China

The recommended dosage is 1/2 tsp – 1 tbsp per cup of tea.

Catuaba: dopaminergic, adaptogen, neurotrophic, antioxidant, aphrodisiac, mind enhancer, tonic, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antinociceptive

Rhodiola: adaptogen, dopaminergic, neurotrophic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, aphrodisiac, mind enhancer

Catuaba: phenylpropanoid-substituted epicatechins, namely catiguanin A and catiguanin B, cinchonain Ia, cinchonain Ib , cinchonain Ic, and cinchonain Id

Rhodiola: rosiridin, rosavin, rosarin, rosin, rhodioloside, tyrosol and salidroside. There are also many other compounds of Rhodiola that seem inactive alone, but when taken as a whole herb shows synergistic activity

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